Aytek Çelik



Professional Experience

  1. 2006 - presentCELIK CONSULTING Mountain View, CA


    • Partner with founders and CEOs of startup (incubator to mid-stage) web and mobile companies to provide immediate senior level product management expertise, and deliver the optimal user experience in line with business goals.
    • Passionate about building great products, and partnering with teams to transform ideas from storyboards to launch. My work spans hit-the-ground-running development (user stories and user flows; agile wireframes and information design) to high-value insights (strategy, product planning and positioning, patents).
    • Specialties: product management, product development, product launch, product marketing, local advertising, search algorithms, vertical search, online ad products, mobile web/apps, user experience and UI design, competitive analysis, strategic marketing and innovation (3 patents issued).
    1. 2010 - 5/2012VIDERO San Francisco, CA

      Vice President, Marketing

      • Key member of executive team responsible for business strategy and US & global operations.
      • Led marketing for software-as-a-service (web and mobile) Brand Experience Platform.
      • Responsible for interim product management (including mentoring and training product manager) in collaboration with engineering team.
      • Launched company website and U.S. branding
        • Designed, authored & storyboarded website for client/agency/reseller lead generation.
        • Hired & managed design firm for illustrations and Wordpress template development.
        • Integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video case studies, Google Analytics.
      • Launched social media and blog outreach for lead generation and customer engagement (Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn).
      • Developed "Retail Experience" model to connect in-store technologies (on-screen, touch-screen, RFID, etc.) with location-based services and mobile or iPad apps to optimize brand experience and ROI.
      • Responsible for public relations; partnered with reseller & client PR teams including Disney: press coverage in Strategize Magazine, Digital Signage Magazine, Daily DOOH, and more.
      • Developed marketing and communications materials for sales team and reseller partners.
      • Co-inventor on patent pending for display synchronization across wide area networks.
      1. 3/2008 - 2009COLLABRX Palo Alto, CA

        Vice President, Marketing and Product

        • Led technical product management, UI design and marketing of software-as-a-service, web-based biotech platform.
        • Key member of initial team responsible for business plan and product strategy.
        • Developed storyboard and early design of vertical search product.
        • Partnered with scientific team to develop "virtual biotech" model to accelerate therapy development for cancers and orphan diseases.
        • Launched personalized medicine (cancer research) product.
        • Managed core team for product development, market & user research, and interface design.
        • Launched corporate brand; led development of website, print collateral, and email newsletter.
        • Responsible for public relations; partnered with PR firm: press coverage in WSJ, Nature, Bio IT, GenomeWeb, etc.
      2. 2006 - 3/2008COMMERCENET Palo Alto, CA


        • Developed ideas for potential start-up company investments in life sciences.
        • Consulted on business strategy for healthcare, security and mapping applications.
        • Provided market research on Internet healthcare ecosystem, including Web 2.0 initiatives.
        • Managed intellectual property cycle for healthcare related co-inventions.
        • Collaborated with CommerceNet chairman Dr. Tenenbaum on special projects.
      3. 11/2004 - 2006YAHOO! INC.Sunnyvale, CA

        Senior Product Manager, Local Products

      4. 10/2003 - 10/2004

        Senior Product Manager, Media & Data Services

        • Managed a team of four direct reports.
        • Launched automated corporate dashboard for business operations.
        • Led continued development of publishing platform for marketing programs.
        • Supported ongoing development of survey tool.
      5. 8/2002 - 10/2003

        Senior Producer, Media & Data Services

        • Managed one direct report
        • Designed and launched publishing platform for Yahoo! marketing programs.
        • Launched data analysis tools for consumer data.
        • Launched new versions of survey tool for usability and market research teams.
        • Created and built promotions and sweepstakes for Fortune 1000 partners.
      6. 8/2001 - 8/2002

        Producer, Network Products & Services

        • Designed and launched custom loyalty programs for Pepsi, Kelloggs, Coors, Gap and more.
        • Negotiated contracts with 3rd party partners as part of larger sponsored marketing deals.
        • Productized sweepstakes and other promotions functionality into publishing platform.
        • Designed and launched email-a-friend promotions tool.
        • Developed and integrated promotions reporting into main advertiser reporting system.
      7. 2001KNOWNOW, INC., a Kleiner-Perkins funded B2B startupMountain View, CA

        Manager, Business Development and Marketing

        (Business scope: Web Services, Enterprise Application Integration, Internet Applications)
        • Developed business solutions for building/connecting enterprise applications across Internet.
        • Architected industry strategies for Financial Services, Energy, Telecom and Pharmaceuticals.
        • Generated initial sales leads aligned with industry scenarios.
        • Coordinated initial selection of third party branding and PR firms.
        • Developed content and structure for corporate website.
        • Managed relationship with select industry analysts.
        • Developed solutions bridging peer-to-peer (P2P) and B2B models (XML-based collaborative commerce, workflow, monitor & control apps).
      8. 1998 - 2000VESTEL USA, INC. Mountain View, CA

        Director of Business Development (and Operations in 1998-99)

        (Business scope: Internet Appliances -- Web-terminal, TV Set-top box, Webphone)
        • Developed strategic alliances with e-commerce, content and technology companies
        • Negotiated deals with Amazon.com, eBay, Exobox, RestaurantRow, Webvan, Ziplink etc.
        • Created ideas for new products.
        • Managed $10 million budget.
        • Developed key partner support with ISPs, portals and service companies.
        • Managed relationship with PR firm resulting in extensive press coverage.
        • Designed strategies for business development and marketing structure.
        • Led internal operations team of logistics, customer support and facilities.
        • Founded Vestel USA, Inc within Vestel Group and established business in Silicon Valley.
      9. 1997 - 1998VESTEL ELECTRONICS Manisa, Turkey

        Manager, Purchasing and Logistics

        (Business scope: Consumer Electronics; Manufacturing of TVs, monitors for 90 plus countries)
        • Led purchasing team responsible for components of over 3 million TVs.
        • Established and developed partnerships for efficient supply chain management.
        • Launched new product Internet.TV Set-top Box into European market.
        • Negotiated competitive pricing and logistics agreements with global suppliers.
        • Co-managed team of 30 purchasing, logistics, and import staff.
      10. 1996 - 1997

        Purchasing Specialist

        • Sourced, approved and developed new suppliers of electronic components.
        • Negotiated extensive cost reductions for A & B level components.
        • Worked closely with engineering and manufacturing groups in cross-functional teams.
        • Managed logistics for effective, timely procurement of international components.
      11. 1995 - 1996YMEDIART AD AGENCY, ABC PUBLISHING, etc.Istanbul, Turkey

        Freelance Writer/Editor, Copywriter

        • Created and developed content for ad agencies and publishing houses.
        • Wrote and edited print ads, brochures, press releases, newspaper articles.
      12. 1994TOYOTA AUTOMOBILE COMPANYIstanbul, Turkey

        Finance Expert

        • Coordinated and translated Turkish-English documents for Japanese Director
        • Responsible for treasury operations and accounts payable

      US Patents Issued


  1. 1994YALE UNIVERSITY New Haven, CT


  3. 1990CLAREMONT HIGH SCHOOL Claremont, CA

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